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Numerical analysis in Javascript

The Numeric Javascript library allows you to perform sophisticated numerical computations in pure javascript in the browser and elsewhere.

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Numeric Workshop


Each of these examples runs in the Workshop.


The Workshop is a Javascript console that can be used to experiment with Numeric Javascript by writing a "Worksheet" of Javascript commands. This Worksheet can be saved and shared simply by sharing a permanent link to the Worksheet.

The Workshop also includes plotting facilities using the Flot plotting library.


Although Javascript does not reach the same performance as native programs, the Numeric Javascript library is carefully tuned to obtain the best possible performance for a Javascript program. You can compare the performance of Numeric, Sylvester and Google Closure's Matrix object using our Benchmark.


Numeric Javascript contains a set of unit tests that are automatically run in several browsers. You can view the report that is automatically generated.


Join the discussion on our Google Group. We have a public github repository.

About the Author

I am Sébastien Loisel. You can use the following bibtex entry:
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